A Northern Affair is live

A Northern Affair is live! The book is finally here! At long last, the moment we have all been waiting for is here. The day before yesterday I stayed up all night adding finishing touches and making sure that everything was perfect for my readers. Like I always say, the reader comes first! Well, now we have the finished book and I am so excited. You can get it on Amazon or buy directly from my website(through mobile money and for those who can not buy through Amazon). Not sure what all the noise is about? Check out the preview of the book Also I have decided to give away a free paperback to a dedicated reader. The search is still on so do not forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on who the lucky reader will be. It may be you!

And now what you may all be wondering; whose story will be next? By reading the first, A Northern Affair, you may think you know who the next Mubarak to find love is, but are you sure? What do you think has happened with this mysteriously missing Majid Mubarak? And is Jessica Mubarak really immune to romance? There is a lot to find out and I can not wait to delve into the next story. I shall keep you all updated as usual. If you are not already subscribed to my newsletter, sign up now to stay in the loop with new twists and promotional offers.

PS. The cover of the book has been slightly updated.

Now that A Northern Affair is live, Get interactive!

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