Another Lover

Another Lover

Too Many Faces in One Face

Too Many Happenings in One Phase

It’s like I’ve Been Hit With A Mace

Stabbed in the Back, No One To Embrace

Which is Which, Corn or Maize?

I’m Confused, Yet Amazed

You Used to Set my Heart Ablaze

And There Was No Way I Could Resist Your Gaze,

I Promised to Pursue, To Chase!

Perhaps It’s time  Quit The Maze

I can no Longer Bear The Hurt, The Disgrace…

Tracy, Gracie, Nancy, Even In Your Case

I Couldn’t Find Grace

It’s Time I Take a New Dimension

I refuse To Waste Space

I’ll Direct My Pace To Another

I’ll Chase Another Lover

This Time, I’ll Pursue The Lord,

My Heart Is Safe With Him

Poetry By Abena Larteley