I took to the streets of Paris

It is undeniable that the current situation in which the world finds itself has brought some changes to our everyday life. But like all changes we face, there is a good side and a bad. While we can not ignore the bad, it is good to focus on the good.

Personally, I have learnt a lot of things with and made a lot of improvements on myself as a whole. And while I am learning, I don’t forget to have fun too. In fact, I have found so many wonderful ways of exploring and having fun while I enrich myself. From browsing questions and answers forums like Quora.com to taking world tours from my room.

Yes! That is right. I have been visiting some amazing places recently, and I want to share them with you.

Today, I took a street tour of Paris from the comforts of my bed. Literally! I got lost in a tunnel for a few minutes?, but I found my way out and made it all the way to Les Halles. Pic attached below.

street view of Les Halles, Paris. Google satellite map

And all with the power of Google maps?? It is very simple:

  • 1.open google maps, search for the place you want to go to
  • click satellite view
  • select street view by clicking on the tiny person (I used a PC)

Unfortunately, I could not find the Eiffel Tower? Taking a street tour of Paris was fun but not so much. Tomorrow, I’m going to Havanna! ?????

Comment below if you make it to your destination (without getting lost) It is amazing what you can do when you have so much time.

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