Romance novels to read before the end of the year

I originally published this on my previous blog as 5 romance novels to read before the end of the year. I have made some changes so far.

Pride and Prejudice

It only makes sense that I should put this book first. For all romance lovers and book lovers, this is a book that should not go unread. It is a classic romance and probably the best written of its kind.

The Witness

This book is written by Nora Roberts. If you are a true romance reader, you would already be familiar with the New York Times bestseller and you would know what she is all about in romance. This book is especially unique from most romance books as it revolves around a young lady with an exceptional IQ. It is a breath of fresh air on romance novels. If you have read my post on How I found my love for romance, you will know that it is among my list of first must read books. You can get the book here.

Second Chance

This is a Christian romance novel that will debunk all myths about the genre. I myself have been pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. So much that I wrote a full review on it which you can read : Second Chance by Nicole Taylor. You can buy the book here

Donovan’s Angel

And finally, the award winner! This is a no bargain book –you should simply have no excuse to not read it. I Humorous and heart-warming, this is a book I most like shall never forget. Just thinking of the chemistry between the carefree, honky-tonky Martie and the eye-catching reverend Paul Donovan brings a smile to my lips. Written by Peggy Webb(who would have probably made it to the top of my list with this book had I known of it back then) this book is a perfect climax for a year of romance. Get it here on Amazon.

And these make the list of must read books before the year is over.

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