This trilogy follows the lives of the Mubaraks, three third generations who have gone through the worst that live could throw at them, and survived. But life is not one to give up easily. Just when they're settling into what they believe to be their new normal, love comes knocking on their door, one at a time. Sometimes sweet, sometimes painful, and many times unwanted, it weaves its way into their heart, and soon they all have to face it.



Kimberly Greene is not your everyday woman. She is the heir to an empire, a secret group of powerful enemies, and an overdependent mother. The only thing keeping her sane is her job. What happens when she is suspended from her own company and carried away to the middle of nowhere by her three most trusted friends?

Hussein Mubarak sees something in Kimberly that no one else sees. Behind the rich girl looks and smiling face is a woman who is scared to death of life itself. He will do anything to protect her and win and heart. Even if it means unearthing her past and facing those who want her dead.





When her horse is sold to her infamous neighbour and supposed enemy, Sadiq, without her knowledge, Jessica vows to do whatever it takes to get it back, even if she has to risk charges of horse theft. What she did not count on was getting caught in a burning barn on the enemy's land as she tried to steal back her horse.

A Mubarak has burnt down his barn and injured her pregnant sister. A Mubarak has to pay -with their blood -and Sadiq is going to make sure of it. He does not mind if he has to break his promise to a dying man. It does not matter that she makes him want to forget the past.  He will mete out her punishment to her before she steals something he can't control.

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