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Dinah Greatson

I also write books for children under the penname Abena  Delalma

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The Mubaraks of The North

‘The Mubaraks of the North’ is the first trilogy by Dinah Greatson which revolves around three members of a family who are trying to pick up their lives after a devastating war. They must choose the next chapter of their lives in a ruthless land filled with hate and memories of betrayal. When life, in a burst of surprise, presents them with a once-in-a-lifetime chance for love, peace and redemption, it takes more than a simple ‘yes, I do,” to bring them the happiness they desire.

Follow each member of the Mubarak family as they discover the hurdles they have to overcome to get their Happily Ever After.

All books in this first trilogy by Dinah Greatson can be read as standalone.

3d a northern affair

A Northern Affair

Under: The Mubaraks of the North

Pages: 177 (Paperback), 179(eBook)

$3.69 on Amazon and Apple. $2.60 onsite purchase. You save 30%

Kimberly Greene has rules which work for her, and she sticks to them like gum to hair. At the top of the rule is “Love no man.” It is not her choice, but then again, she has never had much choices in her life until she is let go from her father’s company. The next thing she knows, she is travelling across the country with her friends to the hottest part of the country. What is the worst that can happen besides a bad sunburn?
When Kimberly meets Hussein Mubarak, she is determined to keep her distance from him. A man who prefers the open fields of the North to the plush offices of the South is a definite no go, no matter how he makes her feel.
Kimberly Greene wants nothing to do with love. Hussein Mubarak thinks he has finally found the ONE. Way up North in a small town called Mapungi, sparks fly between two unlikely souls and temperatures rise. Under the unrelenting sun, all it takes is a bit of A NORTHERN AFFAIR to burn lifelong rules to ashes!


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