A Northern Affair The End


Kimberly’s room in the Big House was filled with women’s chatter. All around her there was white and flurry. There were faces she had known all her life and faces she had known for barely a month. But they were all happy faces. Happy for her on her wedding day. She still could not believe that she was getting married to the man of her dreams, the love of her life.

“You are smiling too much,” Mabel said with a grin. “I cant apply the lipstick properly.”

Kimberly couldn’t help herself. She was the most blessed woman on earth.

“Is my dear cousin giving you trouble, aunty?” Keziah asked.

Kimberly had only known Keziah for three weeks yet she was already fond of the woman. Keziah was funny and witty and a daredevil.

“Come and help me with the kids, Keziah,” Hannah, Keziah’s and Kevin’s mum, called.

Keziah rolled her eyes and pouted before walking away. Even though Kimberly was just a little older than Keziah, there were time when she could swear that her cousin behaved like a teenager.

“Are you ready?” Jessica called from the doorway.

“No!” everyone answered in unison.

Jessica entered, looking exaggeratedly flabbergasted. She wore a shimmering blue dress and her hair was held back with a blue ribbon.

“You are going to be late for your own wedding,” Jessica said.

“Lighten up, Jessica.” Mati laughed. “These days it is fashionable for a woman to be late to her wedding.”

Mabel laughed and Jessica said, “Good thing weddings aren’t my thing.”

“When your time comes,” Mati said, “I shall give you out in marriage myself.”

Jessica laughed. “I’m sorry, Mati, but that is one thing that is never going to happen.”

Mati laughed too. She laughed one of those laughters of hers that said Jessica was being silly and childish again.

“You look beautiful, Kim,” Jessica said. “I’m happy for you.”

“Thank you,” Kimberly said. “I never imagined that this day would arrive and now that it is here, I cant believe it.”

“Believe it, girl. You deserve it.”

“Yes, you do,” Mabel added. “You deserve that and more.”

Kimberly hugged the two most important women in her life; her mother and her best friend.

“Okay, enough of the sentiments,” Jessica, never one to be overly emotional, broke free. “Let’s get moving.”

Kimberly laughed and her mother applied the finishing touches to her make-up. She had been surprised to find out that her mother was actually an expert in make-up and bridal wear.

She looked at herself in the mirror that had been erected against the wall. She smiled. Two weeks ago, she had successfully launched the Chance Academy. Today she would become Mrs Mubarak. Today, she will stand before God and man and pledge her undying love to Hussein. Today, she and Hussein would become one in the sight of God and man. “This is the day the lord has made,” she said. “We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

“Yes, we will,” her mother said from behind her.

Hussein stood at the altar, watching his bride make her way to stand by him. His heart swelled with love. He couldn’t wait to be alone with her. Behind him, he heard his best man, Emma Kuma, say, “wow, she is beautiful.”

Hussein smiled and said, “Yes, she is. And I’m the luckiest of them all.”

They exchanged their vows and their rings. Hussein did not wait for the Reverend to ask him first before he grabbed his wife and kissed her passionately. Some people whistled and others clapped.

When they got out of the church, there was a limousine waiting outside. “Let’s start this in style,” Hussein whispered into her ears and she laughed. She waved to all the people who had come to join her on this special occasion.

She hugged her mother tightly. “Be happy,” Mabel said.

Kimberly looked at her husband and all the new family she had found; her cousins and her niece and nephew and her aunty and now, Jessica and Mati too were her family. She couldn’t have asked for more. “I am happy,” she finally said.

“Throw the bouquet!” Grace shouted and then there was commotion as all the women, both single and married, startled jostling each other for the bouquet. Kimberly turned her back and counted to three. Then she threw with all her might. But she had always been a bad thrower. And instead of going straight back like she had intended, the bouquet flew left and landed right into Jessica’s hands as she was trying to cajole a little girl away from the limousine.


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About this book

A Northern Affair is the first book in a trilogy. The trilogy, ‘The Mubaraks of the North’ revolves around three members of a family broken who find love in different ways. Each book in this trilogy can be read as a stand-alone and in no particular order. To follow the story, it is advisable to read all three books. 

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